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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (323) 513-6222 for assistance.
 Frequently Asked Questions


  • I have questions or need help with my ticket order.

    Email: support@festivalticketing.com
    Phone: 855-222-7109
    Hours: 10:00am-4:00pm MST (Monday-Friday)

    Help & Questions: support.axs.com
    Phone: 888-929-7849
    Hours: 8:00am-10:00pm CST (7 Days a week)

    Help & Questions: support.lyte.com
    Email: support@lyte.com

  • How do I get on the Payment Plan?

    Please review our Payment Plan page.

    Payment plans are not available for Premium Tickets or Waitlist / Fan To Fan Exchange orders.

  • What do the different ticket tiers mean?
     The sooner you buy, the lower the price!
  • What is Premium Ticketing?

     Premium Tickets give all fans safe and easy access to high demand tickets at market driven prices. The price varies, adjusting according to supply & demand and are not resale tickets. Premium Tickets are sold directly by Day N Vegas through AXS and Premium Tickets are guaranteed by the festival. Prices subject to change at any time.

    Why do Premium Ticket prices vary?
    Premium ticket prices are adjusted according to customer demand and the number of tickets still available, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. This allows customers direct access to guaranteed tickets at prices that are closer to their true value.

    What do my Premium Tickets get me?
    Premium Tickets for each ticket type do not include any extra amenities on top of what is listed within each description. You can review ticket descriptions here. (click More Info on the ticket type you’re interested in)

    I have a question/issue with Premium Tickets that is not answered here.
    Please contact:

    Help & Questions: support.axs.com
    Phone: 888-929-7849
    Hours: 8:00am-10:00pm CST (7 Days a week)

  • What is the Lyte Waitlist & Fan To Fan Exchange?

    Day N Vegas partnered with Lyte to give fans a safe way to buy and sell passes. All passes are guaranteed and issued by Day N Vegas. Visit the Day N Vegas Waitlist & Exchange here.

    There are far more people trying to buy passes than there are passes available. When that is the case we have to payout over face value to people returning their passes. Prices through Lyte’s Fan-to-Fan Exchange are always better than prices on unofficial resale sites and all tickets sold through the Exchange are 100% guaranteed.

    I have a question/issue with the Fan-to-Fan Exchange that is not answered here
    Please contact:

    Help & Questions: support.lyte.com
    Email: support@lyte.com

  • Where can I find will call/the box office to pick up tickets and/or if I have questions?
     Please refer to our Ticket Order Info page for all details.
  • I placed an order, but did not receive my ticket(s).
    Please review SHIPPING INFO. If you have not received your order by 11/1/21 please contact Festival Ticketing Support.
  • Where do I go to check on or access my order or update my shipping address, etc?
    Log into your account here


  • I already have tickets, where should I stay?
    Check out official Hotel Package options. Also consider Circus Circus or Sahara.
  • Is the festival all ages?
  • What time does the festival start/end?
      Venue opens at 12pm. Festival should be over by Midnight.
  • Is there a map?
      Yes. Please check back closer to festival dates.
  • Are there ins & outs?
      Only for VIP pass holders.
  • Where do I park for this event?
     There is no parking on site at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Festival grounds are only accessible by rideshare and Las Vegas Monorail. Please check our Getting Here page for public transportation information.
  • Can I bring a camera?
     A phone camera or a small point and shoot without interchangeable lenses is fine to bring in. No video cameras or professional cameras will be allowed into the event. GoPros are fine, but no poles or extenders will be permitted.
  • Is there Public Transportation to the event?
    Please check our Getting Here page for public transportation information.
  • Will you be posting set times in advance?
    Yes, check out the lineup & download the mobile app.
  • Where is the Rideshare drop off/pick up point?
    Please review our Getting Here page.
  • Will there be free water refill stations?
  • Are there lockers available?
    Yes, Order here in advance! First come, first serve. 
  • Will there be vegetarian and/or vegan food options available at the festival?
  • Do you have a Lost & Found?
    Yes, you can check items in real time here or in person on show days near the front entrance during festival hours. Good luck comes to those who turn in found items directly to lost & found staff!
  • Can my band/artist perform on this show?
      No. We do not accept unsolicited artist/band/DJ/performance/Elvis impersonator submissions.
  • Are you hiring or looking for volunteers?
      No. If that changes, we will post it here. Thank you for your interest!
  • If I am a nursing mother, will there be a place to store breast milk at the festival?
     No, there will not be breast milk storage offered on-site.
  • Can I bring in prescription medication?
     There will not be any storage provided for medications. All medications will be checked upon entry and provided it is transported in original prescription packaging with a name that matches the valid ID of the owner it will be allowed in.
  • I got solicited to play at DNV by some random person claiming to be a booker, via Facebook, email, instagram etc. Is that legit?
     NO. Day N Vegas will never DM you or email you to pay to play at the festival. If in doubt, check with info@daynvegas2021.com.
  • How will Covid-19 affect this event?
     Please review our Health & Safety info here.
  • If the festival doesn’t take place, will I get a refund?
    Yes, you will have the option to roll over your pass to the following festival or request a refund. 
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